Kite Rental


Kite rental conditions:

Preliminary Test: we will only allowed to rent kite equipment to intermediate and advanced kiters. The person who wants to rent will be submitted to a brief test to check his ability.

If we don’t find the basic knowledge of kiting, especially regarding safety, we will not rent any equipment.

Kitesurfing is a radical sport and can be very dangerous.

Price: the price list has a progressive descount. This is valid only for pre-payed continuous days of rental. Renting in alternatives days you will pay +20% and you will not have the priority in choosing the equipment.

Use of gear: the rental is individual, only the person who is renting can use the equipment. We have a double use option (+20%) if you want to share the equipment with a friend or family member.

Damage of the equipment: the person renting the gear is responsible for any damages. Board and sail damages that can be repaired will be charged for the repair. damages that cannot be repaired client will be charged the cost to replace equipment. Repair and replacement costs are posted at the club. We offer a possibility of an insurance in loco.

Right of refusal: in a situations which calls into question the safety of sailors and/or the preservation of equipment, we reserve the right to cancel a rental contract. Sailors who do not respect traffic rules in the water or are sailing in a dangerous manner will be warned and then If the dangerous behaviour remains, their contracts will be cancelled. Sailors who do not posses the necessary skills to use equipment or who are using it in a destructive way will also be warned. Unused rental time will be refunded for cancelled contracts.