Sao Miguel do Gostoso

Sao Miguel do Gostoso is a fishermen’s village on the shore of Rio Grande do Norte state, 110 Km north of its capital, Natal.

With 8.000 people, the village is developing in a fast but sustainable manner, mainly due to wind and kite surfers, who can enjoy here the best wind of the region.


It’s almost perfect all year around. Temperatures never go under 22° nor above 34°.The permanent breeze is refreshing even in the hottest summer evenings.


Are the main attraction. Long and almost inexplorated, but already with good services.From Ponta do St.Cristo to Marco beach, there are 25 Km of sand to explore walking, driving a buggy or, even better… sailing downwind!


Pure, wild and almost untouched. Beautiful landscapes with lagoons, palm trees farms, dunes, ancient rocks. Wildlife brings little monkeys to your breakfast, a variety of birds.


It is surprising that in a short period of time Gostoso developed a variety of quality options for dining. From basic local fishermen’s grills to more elaborated dishes from the famous cuisines of Bahia, Portugal, Italy, Mexico and even Japan.


The magic of Gostoso and its lifestyle is attracting more and more people. Many persons arrived here for vacation and decided to stay living!

Maybe this is due to the fact that here we can find what is missing in large cities: daily nature contact and happy people around.


This area is also very interesting for real estate investments. Brazil is considered as one of the 4 countries in the world with the biggest economic growth in the next 10 years. Natal was chosen for the 2014 World Cup and Rio will host the Olympic Games in 2016.There will be massive investments in infrastructures… the new airport in the north area of Natal will be one of the main connection of South America to Europe.Gostoso will be closer.


Nights in Gostoso are still pretty quite, but there are a few nice bars where you can have delicious caipirinhas with good music. Don’t miss the parties at Dr.WIND’s!