Windsurf School

Windsurf School DR.WIND

One of the target of Dr.WIND’s project is to involve more and more people in this wonderful world of the sports related to the wind and the ocean. The energy and happiness you can get practicing them, it can really elevate the quality of your life. Brasil and expecially its northeast offers ideal climate conditions. It’s simply an endless, windy summer that every surfer dreams of!

In this perfect situation, with a group of qualified instructors and the ultimate equipment, learning has never been so easy, fast and fun!


TEST – 1 hour

a short introduction of theory in the beach and then right into the water

LEVEL 1 – Beginners – 4 hrs

required skills: feeling with the water

safety rules, basic theory, start, basic tack, simulation in every step


Wind: < 12 knts

LEVEL 2 – Intermediate – 4 hrs

required skills: points of sailing and tack light wind

Position and style in all points of sailing, fast tack,  jibe, intro to harness, beach start


Wind: 5-15 knts

LEVEL 3 – Advanced – 4 hrs

required skills: tack and jibing medium wind

planing technique, waterstart, harness, power jibe

Boards: EVOLUTION 360, Z-RIDE 133

Wind: 8-20 knts

LEVEL 4 – Funboard –  private lessons – 1 or 4 hrs

Target: footstraps, power jibe, tack with small boards, waterstart, introduction tol freestyle and wave

Boards: < 120 lt. Wind: > 12 knts
During the season Dr.WIND will also organize some wave and freestyle clinics. 3-4 days of full immersion action that will upgrade your performance.