• Kite School

    GOSTOSO is a perfect beach to learn the sport. Air and water temperature, wind’s intensity, the space in the beach…everything is ideal to make the learning fast and safe. COURSEs We offer a 6 hours course in 3/4 days or a 10 hrs. in 5-6 days. Lessons are individuals, each instructor with only one pupil. […]

  • Kite Rental

    Kite rental conditions: Preliminary Test: we will only allowed to rent kite equipment to intermediate and advanced kiters. The person who wants to rent will be submitted to a brief test to check his ability. If we don’t find the basic knowledge of kiting, especially regarding safety, we will not rent any equipment. Kitesurfing is a […]

  • Storage-Kite service

    Storage-Kite service If you want to bring your own equipment, there is the storage facility, including: – Rescue boat service – 24 hrs security – fresh water and showers – compressor or pump – beach assistence